Creating Places, Creating Community

Photo of ISI BuildingThe International Sustainability Institute is a Seattle-based not-for-profit designed to bring world-wide sustainability to the Puget Sound.

The Institute has worked on projects involving waste and transportation, including one of the most in-depth studies of public space, pedestrian and bike-friendliness of any central downtown in the United States.

In the last few years, ISI has focused most of its efforts on one neighborhood in downtown Seattle – Pioneer Square. This historic neighborhood offers opportunities to showcase innovative thinking in one relatively small footprint, offers the chance to fulfill its promise as a great neighborhood to live and work in, and, as one of the region’s great transit hubs, presents enormous sustainability opportunities.

Pioneer Square Transit Hub Graphic – credit Akira Morita, Design Kompany

Contact us at 206-381-1630 or email at info[at]isiseattle.org