07/19/13 – The Reimagined Laneway – Jillian Glover, Sustainable Cities Collective
A glance at cities around the world that are reimagining laneways as street markets, art installations, performance spaces and nature retreats (more…)

05/28/13 – Activating Streets: The Makeover of Pioneer Square – Mark Hinshaw, Crosscut
SEATTLE — Mark Hinshaw writes in Crosscut about ISI’s Active Streets Strategy to study streets and alleys in Seattle’s “first neighborhood” and suggesting ways to make them safe, usable and appealing for people. (more…)

05/05/2011 – Seattle Channel Piece on Pioneer Square
SEATTLE — The Seattle Channel’s Lowel Deo did a recent piece on Pioneer Square’s local businesses and why Pioneer Square is back on the rise contrary to popular beliefs!  Check out this video

06/21/2010 – Seattle’s World Cup Alley popular among locals – Andrew Winner – MLSsoccer. About 150-180 people come around to watch the day’s final match
SEATTLE — Everyone loves the World Cup, especially when it leads to a long lunch. Looking around the crowd at the daily public World Cup showings in the “World Cup Alley,” there aren’t many jerseys for the respective teams. Instead, the collared shirts and name badges donned by the spectators make it clear a sizable segment of the Pioneer Square workforce has embraced the Alley as part of its daily ritual. ( more…)

03/19/2010 – Enjoying a cappuccino in an alley might become reality – Jim Goddard – Vancouver NEWS1130. Competition in Seattle could have them implemented there
It could happen here. The City of Seattle is looking at allowing cafes to set up in urban alleys and folks we chatted with would like to see them too. A design committee in Seattle would see nice little bistros set up in an alley in Pioneer Square and there’s talk of expanding the idea throughout the city. (more…)

03/18/2010 – Rethinking Our Alleys – Steve Scher – KUOW
Our studios are at the corner of 45th and 15th. That tells us where we are in the city, but doesn’t give us any history of the place. Some of the early founders and ideals of Seattle are memorialized in street names. Denny Way and Boren Avenue give us a sense of who we were. What about the cities modern luminaries and values? (more…)

03/16/2010 – Seattle’s last unnamed places – Knute Berger – Crosscut. How the city could enrich and rejuvenate its urban landscape by naming its alleys. It’s a win for heritage and sustainability. 
A place isn’t a place until it has a name. As Seattle develops as a city, as neighborhoods get more dense, as the focus on urban design becomes more intense and targeted, what are the the opportunities for giving recognition to new, rehabbed or rediscovered spaces? Doesn’t everything in Seattle – the neighborhoods, the streets, the parks – already have a name? (more…)

02/25/2010 – Downtown alley leaves dark days behind, welcomes pedestrians – Gabriel Campanario – Seattle Times. Posted by Seattle Times artist Gabriel Campanario
Alleys look interesting in comic books but rarely in real life. Except for Nord Alley, which connects S. Jackson St. and S. Main Street in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. ( more…)

02/24/2010 – Committee on the Built Environment – Seattle City Council – SeattleChannel (Video)
Hears a report about Helle’s presentation from Chair Sally Clark and discusses some of the issues around making Downtown a great walkable place. (Go to video here, at minute 4:45)

02/24/2010 – Can Seattle Walk the Talk – Kate Howe, Urban Planner – VIA Architecture
Much of our combined city planning energy has been focused on traffic; how to plan for it, how to make space for it, and how to keep people from getting in its way. However, the methodologies championed by danish urban expert Jan Gehl and his team at Gehl Architects are finally giving neighborhoods and community advocates the facts they need to compete in a world dominated by traffic demand models, population forecasting, and abstract regulations that do not value public realm. ( more…)

02/23/2010 – Walking the Walk – Helle Søholt, Kate Joncas, and Todd Vogel – Publicola
One of the most effective things a city can do to be safer and more competitive is to become a magnet for people by investing in its public spaces. Cities around the world are learning that eyes on the street – people going about their everyday lives – are critical to creating an inviting pedestrian experience. ( more…)

12/09/2009 – How Green Was My Alley – citywalker99 – Seattle PI
A coworker of mine showed me one of these postcards. Jen Kelly, who writes a blog for her Pioneer Square neighborhood (The New Pioneer Sqaure), picked one up at the Nord Alley Party for the First Thursday Artwalk. I was happy to see that there are other people who believe alleys are worthwhile public spaces. (more…)

12/04/2009 – First Thursday + Nord Alley Party – The New Pioneer Square
Compared to previous years, the turnout for this year’s Art Walk was fairly low….The Nord Alley Party was also happening Thursday night, so we headed over there, (more…)