Alley Activation

Why Alleys?

alley activationAlleys offer the opportunity for Pioneer Square to boost healthy activity on its streets, feed its vibrant arts culture, and draw people to local businesses. The scale of the buildings, narrow alley passageways and architecture make Pioneer Square’s alleys visually alluring and a place of discovery. A study conducted by ISI, the University of Washington’s Green Futures Lab and Copenhagen-based Gehl Architects, identified Seattle alleys as having the potential for great pedestrian spaces.

Since the first Nord Alley party in 2008, alley efforts have sprouted up all over Pioneer Square! ISI mobilizes neighbors, businesses and community groups to transform Pioneer Square’s alleys into one of its great assets. By leveraging funds from government, foundations, and local businesses and bringing together public space experts, community organizers, marketing professionals and students – Pioneer Square is working together to create great public spaces. If you’re eager to activate your alley, we encourage you to meet your neighbors and explore ideas. More about the Alley Network Project here!

In 2013, ISI kicked off the Alley Corridor Project with funding awarded by the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to design a cost effective, historically appropriate “shovel ready” surface design and lighting concepts. An opportunity to restore alley surfaces to new standards is occurring as alleys are retrofitted with new utility infrastructure. The outcome of this project – a design that is cost effective and approved through SDOT’s Street Improvement Permit (SIP) process and Pioneer Square Preservation Board, will clear hurdles for resurfacing any of the neighborhood alleys, positioning Pioneer Square to use alleys as active public spaces full of historic character. The design will be led by SvR Design with Olson Kundig Architects and Leni Schwendinger Light Projects Ltd.

Alley Corridor Project Timeline
September 5th. Information Gathering Open House in Nord Alley from 5-7pm. More here…
September 24th. Nightseeing Pioneer Square Alley with Leni Schwendinger. More here…
October 1. Stakeholder Options Workshop. Contact Liz for more details. More here…
October 3. Options Open House in Nord Alley from 5-7pm
November 7. Final Concept Design Open House  @ Olson Kundig  Architects 4-5:30pm
Jan 2014 – Spring 2015. Pioneer Square Preservation Board Approval and city permitting for the surface design.

Alley Corridor Project Design:
Pioneer Square Alley Final Concept Design (surface).

Pioneer Square Alley Lighting Guidelines

More here…

Contact Liz Stenning for more information,